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Top Home Updates Before Selling

Top Updates to Make Selling Your Home

Whether you’re selling your home because you are relocating for a new job, have an empty nest or just looking for your next homebuying adventure, your home may need a few upgrades to appeal to buyers.

While you might not want to invest the extra cash into a home you won’t be living in much longer, setting your home up for success is still the best route to take. Buyers are willing to pay more for certain features that bring a little more value to the home they’re purchasing. Check out our list of features buyers are most interested in below!

Kitchen Upgrades

What was once a room for utility has now become a place of creation, personal style and gathering. Things like stainless steel appliances, steam ovens and granite or quartz counter tops are the most desirable items for buyers in this room. In addition, trendy design styles like subway tile backsplash and large center islands are becoming increasing popular with home buyers.

 Laundry Room

There’s nothing worse than having to publicly display your laundry (clean or dirty) where guests can see. Buyers are looking to have a space specifically made for harboring their weekly chore and keeping things tidy. Spruce up your laundry room by adding a clothing rack and some cabinets for storage!

Energy Efficiencies

Buyers looking to limit their utility bills are most likely going to be interested in homes with energy efficiencies. From ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows, appliances or electronics – anything that will bring your home’s efficiency into the green is a solid upgrade. Another addition is the small but mighty ceiling fan. With ceiling fans, homeowners can raise the temperature on a thermostat by 4 degrees, ultimately saving on energy costs. If you’re looking to install some into your home before selling, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® label!


Outdoor living spaces are a great way to bring a homey feeling to the back yard. If you’re looking for a way to revamp your lawn and receive a potential return on investment from 100-500%, a patio is a great route.

 Smart Home Features

With the world becoming more digital by the day, it’s no surprise that buyers are looking for homes with smart features. Additions like smart thermostats and locks add an extra amount of ease to new homeowners who won’t have to install anything themselves.

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Written By Mandy Jordan