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Celebrate Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air! The super market is dipped in red and pink and the aisles are lined with an abundant amount of heart-shaped chocolate. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, riding solo or having a family night, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate this lovable holiday.

Date Night

If you don’t feel like embracing the crowds and overpriced dinners at fancy restaurants downtown, why not try a night in?

  • At home spa. Grab some face masks, lotion for massages and candles for a relaxing Valentine’s evening with each other! Create a mix-and-match spa plan with help here: Spa Night
  • Heart-shaped pizza. If you and your SO are looking for a fun DIY, try creating your own heart-shaped pizza at home! This recipe is perfect to get started.
  • Romantic dinner at home. There’s nothing that comes from the heart like a special meal made for two! Try these recipes by Food Network.
  • Host a couples get together. Looking to spend the holiday with some of your close friends? Invite a few of pals over for a Valentine’s themed

Family Night

The more the merrier! If you’re spending the holiday with a kids in tow, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. Check out our family-friendly ideas below.

  • Create Valentine’s from the heart. These ideas are perfect to get you and the little ones in the Valentine’s spirit! Create crafty cards and heart garland to decorate your home with.
  • DIY bouquet. Flowers are a staple on for any Valentine’s Day activities! If your children love to create, this paper flower bouquet would be fun for the whole family.
  • Family meal. After having some fun, you’ll need to refuel! Be sure to spend some time creating a kid-friendly meal!

Just You

Don’t have a date or just don’t feel like being someone’s Valentine? No worries! Taking care of #1 (you) should always be a priority. Here are a few ideas to enjoy your evening solo.

  • Dinner and a movie. Step 1: Order in from your favorite restaurant or make a homemade dinner yourself! Step 2: Put on one of these Step 3: Enjoy!
  • Buy yourself something nice. There’s nothing like being able to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day! If you’ve had your eye on a special something, why not spoil yourself!
  • Girls night. Invite a few of your besties over for a fun night in!
  • Need a few other ideas? Check out this awesome list full of ideas.

Be sure to share photos of your Valentine’s Day at home with us!

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