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Staging Your Home

When it comes to introductions, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. Sellers, especially during uncertain market conditions, want to showcase the best version of their homes to stand out in the competitive world of real estate.

While most sellers are not in the position to do a complete overhaul of their home before putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign, everyone can focus on their home’s existing strengths. Here are our favorite steps to ensure your home is staged picture perfect to help buyers visualize themselves living there:

Cancel Clutter

Decluttering your home will not cost a penny and its one of the most powerful ways to successfully stage a home! The obvious first step is to remove anything you’re not actively using—a good rule of thumb is to trash anything that hasn’t been used in six months. In order to make spaces seem larger, we also recommend removing excess furniture. Ensure you do a thorough job by meticulously combing through each room, even the cabinets—buyers love to see built-in storage! Another great way to get rid of clutter would be to put things up for sale. Old furniture or appliances you’re looking to replace in your new space can be posted online for purchase/pick-up. This can help you secure some extra cash before your move and improves the look of your home.

Clean Canvas

The genesis of staging is to create an ideal environment the buyer could see themselves living in. To cultivate this feeling, personal items shouldn’t be prevalent throughout your home. Remove any family photos or personal collections, conceal clothing within dedicated spaces and keep the bathroom counters clear of any toiletries. Creating a blank canvas is a surefire way to help buyers envision their next chapter!

Serene Surroundings

As fun as the funky wallpaper or loud wall colors might be to you, many buyers are intimidated by vibrant styles and want their potential new home to feel fresh and clean. If you don’t have a lot of on hand cash to improve spaces before staging, painting is one of the cheapest ways to totally transform a space. Swap that bold master bedroom color for a softer, warm neutral color palette. Want to make sure you’re creating the right space for selling? Check out how to perfect a monochromatic color scheme here.

Outdoor Oasis

More times than not, the outdoor space is the first impression a buyer will make in person. To have an aesthetically pleasing front and backyard, ensure the lawn is cut, gardens are well kept and any weeds have been pruned from flower beds. If you’re able, take some flowers from your yard and use them to spruce up the indoor space!

If you’re inspired to stage your home and ready to put it on the market, a PrimeLending mortgage expert is here to start the discussion of home loan solutions for your next chapter. Get in touch today!

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