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Organize Your Home

Now more than ever before, home is your sanctuary. You probably haven’t spent this much time at home or analyzing your space in years—has this stay-at-home stint made you realize how desperately you need to reorganize?

Organizing an entire home can seem like a massive undertaking, but we’re here to help guide you. By strategically tackling one room at a time, you ensure a totally refreshed space. Here are some of our favorite universal rules and tactics broken up by room.

Prepare the Space

Even though each area will have specific hacks to organizing, all rooms have certain preparation steps to follow before transforming your home.

  • Declutter Take everything out of the space! You want a blank canvas before you begin organizing. Plus, this will also let you see what all you’ve accumulated.
  • Remove Odds are, if you didn’t know you had it, you probably don’t need it. Follow the golden rule, trash or donate anything you’re not actively using!
  • Clean The last thing you want is for your efforts to be in vain! Make sure you scrub the area before placing anything back.
  • Group While sorting, make sure to group similar items. This ensures a logical organization flow.
  • Label Creating labels lets you know every item’s proper location and will help motivate you to maintain an organized area.


This is arguably the busiest room in the house and all this action often leads to disarray. It’s critical that this space remains functional for your family. Make sure to take advantage of the built-in space that most kitchens come with!

  • Pantry No matter what size your pantry is, there are plenty of ways to leverage this space. Some of our favorites include clear food containers, over the door storage units and labeled bins.
  • Cabinets and Drawers It’s easy to let the out of sight, out of mind mentality justify these spaces becoming cluttered. To combat this, we recommend pull-out cabinets, vertical dividers for cooking materials and pop-up shelves.


Is your bathroom not spacious enough to contain your beauty routine? Here are a few of our best tips to maximize space.

  • Counters Do you find yourself with messy counters thanks to a rushed morning? Trays, glass containers and plastic organizers are all worthy investments to create a clean space.
  • Medicine Cabinet – These are a great way to have hidden, interior storage.
  • Shower If your shower doesn’t come with built-in storage spaces, a hanging shower caddy can house all your shower necessities.


Most people desperately wish for a larger closet. However, the key is to optimize the space you do have—here’s what we recommend.

  • Drawer Dividers This functional product makes it easier to see what is in your drawers and helps give everything a proper home!
  • Shoe Racks – Take advantage of vertical space! Stack your shoes on a dedicated rack and you’ll no longer have unused pairs.
  • Storage Containers – If you have ample seasonal clothing, this is a great option to store away off-season items.

We hope our tips and tricks have helped inspire you. Remember to tackle one room at a time and you’ll have an organized oasis before you know it!

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