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How to Have a Safe Thanksgiving Feast this Year

Like most holidays impacted by the pandemic this year, Thanksgiving is most likely going to look a little different for everyone around the country. With some states recently experiencing a spike in cases, it may be wise to begin thinking of alternative plans or ways you can celebrate the holidays safely with your loved ones.

If you’re rethinking how to host or attend your family’s Thanksgiving feast, we’re sharing some tips to consider before the holiday.

Take Precautions

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s important to lower risks and exposure to individuals. If you’re hosting more than your immediate family, send a note to your attendees and ask them to self-isolate before attending. Simply put, this means limiting all external contact with others and quarantining in their home. If they can’t complete the required quarantining timeline, ensure they are tested and receive negative results before the event.

Opt for a Virtual Event

Many in-person events have shifted to virtual attendance, so why not embrace a digital feast? Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving event for your family means everyone can stay safe at home and still enjoy each other’s company. Everyone can prepare their favorite foods, or stick to traditional Thanksgiving dishes, before spending an hour or two having dinner together virtually. Sure, this isn’t the typical way to enjoy the holiday, but this year isn’t exactly “typical.” The fun doesn’t have to stop at dinner time! Come up with some fun virtual games to play or potentially watch a movie together using an online movie party app.

Host the Event Outside

If you’re still planning to host a limited attendance Thanksgiving dinner, why not switch up the location? Weather permitting, opting for a more open space in your backyard is a better option than the traditionally crowded indoor communal table. A spaced-out outdoor celebration lets you limit the number of people at each table and add extra room for everyone. It also provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cozy backyard fire after dinner!

Practice Good Hygiene at the Event

It’s no surprise that good hygiene is at the forefront of everyone’s mind this year and Thanksgiving is no exception! Like mom always used to say, wash your hands early and often, with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. It’s also a smart move to keep extra stations of hand sanitizer around the house to stop the spread of germs.

Even if Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, it doesn’t change the sense of community that normally comes with it. However, you’re reconnecting with your family this Thanksgiving, be sure to give thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the day together.


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