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Tailgate at Home

The beginning of fall is accompanied by all sorts of changes – crisper temperatures, beautiful foliage and fun seasonal activities. From pumpkin carving to hayrides to apple picking, there is a fall pastime out there for everyone.

Your location might influence the selection of fall activities available, but, luckily, there is a universal fall pastime we can all find a way to enjoy – tailgating. Even though tailgating looks different this year than previous years, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy this sporting season from the comfort of your home. Here are some of our favorite tips for successful tailgate:


What’s a tailgate without a smorgasbord of delicious treats? Food is typically the hallmark of a great tailgate and for good reason – the menu can make or break the party. There are several usual suspects, like grilled hotdogs, cheeseburgers or buffalo dip that’ll probably make an appearance out of tradition. However, now is the perfect time to get creative with menu options! With an at-home tailgate, there is no need to worry about transporting the food, maintaining the food’s ideal temperature or dealing with a lack of space – the entire kitchen can be utilized throughout the party!

Team Spirit

Unless you’re an extremely spirited fan, your home is likely not constantly decked out in your favorite team’s colors or spirit items. This is the perfect opportunity to prominently show off any of your team’s spirit gear and even buy disposable tableware in the team’s colors. Did you and your soon-to-be guests attend games frequently in the past? If so, print out and display any fun pictures to ensure a sense of nostalgia! Obliviously, be sure to wear any t-shirts or jerseys representing your team like you normally would.


Take the game off the screen and into your backyard with this beloved pastime! Games are a perfect addition for all ages – adults and kids can play during halftime or even during the game! The best part is, you’ll likely have more space to spread out than you would at a typical tailgate scene. Some of the most popular games include horseshoes, ping-pong, cornhole and ladder toss.


No tailgate is complete without music – be sure to set the tone with some of your favorite tunes! When hosting, the last job you’ll want is playing spur of the moment DJ. Before the big day, create a playlist full of throwbacks, current chart climbers or what you know will be crowd favorites.

Now that you know some sure-fire ways to throw a memorable tailgate party, we hope you enjoy a crisp fall and have a winning season! Have some ideas you want to share with us? Leave them in the comments below!

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