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I recently spent some time talking with peers around the topic of culture. On the surface, it always seems like a pretty simple conversation to me because I am so familiar with what it means at PrimeLending and what an important role it plays not only in our business, but our lives.

But the term ‘culture’ has become a buzz word in business and gets tossed around the way ‘customer-focused’ or ‘customer-sensitive’ used to. The term ‘culture’ and its definition appear on most company websites now, along with an in-depth, moving explanation of what it means. I think that’s great and it’s significant that organizations are looking inward and paying attention to what is important to their employees and customers.  It’s true that every company has a culture. What I found interesting was the different degrees to which a company’s culture permeated each organization and was applied!

The results and opinions I encountered were as widespread as the business tactics each company employed. I quickly noticed that in 99% of the cases, it was apparent culture was simply a buzz word and no real effort was being made to support, define or truly identify it.

In my experience, culture deals with the way things get done. A company, after all, is simply a framework for conducting business. Rates, products, fulfillment, delivery—pretty basic. It’s the character of the organization, the individuals involved and how they interact with one another that sets one company apart from another. A team with character always wins. That’s why character and culture-fit are every bit as important as experience and skillset when we evaluate potential new hires.

I came away from the experience full of pride for PrimeLending and what we stand for. Our culture has developed from the inside out, based on our team’s unwavering commitment to a core purpose:

Working together to have a profound and positive impact on all the lives of all we serve.

PrimeLending employees are simply the best of the best. Our people truly care about our customers, business partners and each other. At PrimeLending, what we do comes from the heart, and whatever comes from the heart carries the heat and color of its birthplace. We are willing to lose ourselves entirely to the cooperative effort of the team working together accomplish our goals. It’s what sets us apart, that makes us who we are.

  • KathleenTimberlake

    It is a pleasure to be a part of the team at Primelending.

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