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Affordable, Easy Projects to Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

You want a beautiful backyard — who doesn’t? But we understand that a landscape architect and designer aren’t always in the budget. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to DIY backyard design ideas that won’t break the bank.

Build a backyard fire pit. Nothing beats the ambiance of a backyard fire pit. While custom fire pits — and even store-bought pits — can get expensive, you can build your own fire pit for less than $200. All you need is quarry rock, gravel and mortar mix. If you’re pit will be in the yard, dig out a round hole, about 3-feet in diameter and 18-inches deep. Setting your pit down in the ground will help protect it from wind and can help prevent embers from jumping out. Using the rock and mortar mix, build the border of your fire pit (you may find that creating a concrete “footer” for the stone works well, but sand or packed dirt works too) and fill the bottom of the pit with pea gravel. For more details and a materials list, check out this blog.

Get creative with planters. Watering cans, old milk cans, chicken feeders and galvanized buckets create rustic and unique flower planters that will brighten up your backyard space. An old wood pallet turned on its side makes a beautiful flower display for small potted plants in the summer.

Hang a hammock. You don’t need two sturdy trees to hang a hammock swing. Posts well-set into the ground with concrete, or a store-bought hammock stand are great options, too. Of course, if you have trees, there’s nothing quite as soothing as swinging in a hammock as a light breeze blows through the trees.

Put some fun into it with lawn games. For the kids — and kids at heart — lawn games are a must. Turn your favorite classic board games, such as Yahtzee, Twister, Scrabble, Chess, Dominoes or Jenga into oversized fun. Check out this article for more ideas and DIY tutorials for your outdoor game spot.

Get cozy with fabric and textiles. An outdoor area rug, throw pillows and sweeping outdoor curtains are sure to make your outdoor living space feel like home. A clay chimenea is the perfect touch for an extra dose of atmosphere and warmth.

Make room for seating. If buying new patio furniture isn’t in the budget, you might be amazed what a good wash and fresh coat of paint can do for old, weathered, even rusty patio furniture. Or, build your own wood patio furniture with a simple DIY plan, such as those found here. Basic knowledge of power tools required. Not comfortable with tools? Stack concrete cinder blocks and top with a foam pad for a simple outdoor bench.

Create the right mood with lighting. There’s just something about twinkling lights overhead that make an outdoor space so much more inviting, especially after the sun goes down. A string of solar lights, or clear globe patio lights put off an enchanting, soft glow without annoying your neighbors. Don’t have a pergola or existing structure from which to hang your lights? Simply anchor poles into planters using cement and string your lights from there. Use this simple tutorial for DIY outdoor light poles.

Think outside the box with a backyard deck. Rather than building a deck right off your house, build a simple platform deck elsewhere in your yard. Separating the deck from the house gives it its own, distinct space. If you’re working with a small space, find a corner and build a deck just large enough for an outdoor sofa or chaise for a cozy place to curl up with a good book.

Add depth with mirrors. The perfect idea for small outdoor spaces. Turn a vintage window into a mirror and hang it on the fence to create extra dimension and depth to your small space. This tutorial will help you get it done.

Upcycle wine bottles for DIY tiki torches. For a romantic vibe, use these instructions to make your own tiki torches and space them out along the fence. Bonus: they’ll also help keep the summer bugs at bay.

Bring in the green. There’s no better way to create a peaceful retreat than with plants and greenery. From potted plants to bushes, ivy and vines, nurture the soft, natural feel of your back yard with plenty of green.

No matter the size of your yard — or your budget — these simple ideas will add character to your outdoor space, making it a place you and your family will want to relax all summer long. If you’re ready to make big changes in your backyard, like adding a pool or outdoor kitchen, are renovation loan or cash-out refinance may be the perfect solution. Contact PrimeLending today to learn more about your options to turn your yard into a dream oasis.

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