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Revamp your lawn this spring.

The final frost is finally behind us and the world is starting to turn green again. The flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees are waking. For most homeowners, that means it’s time to start working on your curb appeal. First stop: lawn.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got a few ideas to take your average lawn to the next level! Check it out below.

Choose Plants Native to Your Region

If you really want your lawn to flourish this spring, the best thing to do is choose plants that will thrive in the climate you live in. Whether you live in the humid south or wet Pacific Northwest, finding the best plants is crucial to the happiness of your lawn. Check out this guide by Better Homes & Gardens to get started.

Potted Plants

Adding plants in different pots both big and small can mix up the look of your lawn. Try adding some pots with pops of color or different styles to really showcase your style! Not to mention the different kind of flowers and herbs that will be perfect for your new landscape additions. Need some help finding the perfect things to plant? Try this list by Country Living!

Potted plant inspiration.

Outdoor Seating

Need a place to enjoy the weather? Why not add a new patio or seating area to your yard! The first thing you’ll need to do is plan out the best location and what features you’d like to include. Fire place? Grilling area? Seating only? If you need some ideas to get started, check out this step-by-step planning guide by BH&G.

Patio idea for spring.

Add a Fountain or Water Garden

Soothing and unique, a water fountain or garden is a great piece to add a different element to the look of your outdoor space. Not to mention, most fountains are an easy weekend DIY project! Be sure to check out this list of fountain ideas to spruce up your yard.

Water fountain idea for spring.

Plant an Herb Garden

There’s nothing like having fresh herbs on hand to add to dishes or cocktails – that’s why an herb garden is a great addition to any yard. In the form of planters or potted additions to any patio, you won’t regret planting these fragrant varieties! Get some inspiration from Southern Living here.

Outdoor herb garden.

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