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We say it every year – the holidays will be here before we know it. For many people, that means hosting parties, welcoming overnight guests and opening your home to unexpected drop-in visitors. You may be thinking it would be great to spruce things up around your house before the holiday hustle and bustle begins. But is fall really the right time to start a home improvement project? We’ve got a few key reasons why now is a great time to dive into your home makeover and wrap it up before the holidays arrive.

  • Finally, a Holiday-Friendly Kitchen. There’s a reason that the kitchen is called the heart of the home, and it’s even truer during the holidays. So many meals cooked with love and every gathering whether impromptu or planned, usually ends up with friends and family gathered in the kitchen. But is your kitchen breaking your heart and cramping your style? If so, it may make sense to focus your energy on updating your kitchen. Kitchen improvements can run the gamut, from a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet pulls to replacing appliances or adding a big granite island. Be realistic in your planning and set some priorities. For instance, if you are hosting Thanksgiving, a double oven and a new refrigerator may be your top priority.
  • Off-Season Contractor Discount and Availability. Because of more cooperative weather, spring and summer are generally the most popular seasons for home remodeling work. That means home remodeling contractors and service providers are in greater demand. These same professionals are less busy during the winter months and may be more inclined to quote a job at a lower rate. Plus, with fewer projects to juggle, contractors could wrap-up your job more quickly than it would take during the busy season.
  • Unconventional and Practical Holiday Gift. This year, rather than spending money on another pair of earrings, new golf clubs or trendy clothes, why not make an agreement with your spouse to give each other something the whole family can enjoy? A home renovation project is more than a trinket or coveted luxury, it’s an investment in your future that you may be able recoup if you sell your home. You can get the rest of your family and friends involved by suggesting they choose gifts that fit into your updated home, like fresh towels for your bathroom or a throw rug that matches your new kitchen tile. And if you start now, you can have a project completed and paid for in time to enjoy your updated space over the holidays.
  • Kid-Free Construction Zone. Without a doubt, home renovation projects are easier, and safer, without kids under foot. When your smaller family members are back in school and busy with their normal activities, professionals can do their work without working around your children. That translate into a lower stress and more productive environment for you and the professionals doing the work. Take advantage of your empty home to make improvements before the holidays.
  • Time to Settle In. You cleared out the cabinets, emptied rooms and rearranged furniture to accommodate your renovation. After the work is done, you’ll need some time to organize and settle back in. The time you plan to take off during the holidays can be the perfect window of opportunity to hang artwork, arrange cabinets and shelves and perfect the set-up of your updated space. If you can complete the “work” before you take off for the holidays, you can focus on all the personal touches that make your place cozy and comfortable.
  • Hidden Bonus: “Under Construction” Guest Repellant. Let’s be honest, houseguests can be a lot of work. But it’s awkward to turn friends and family away, especially without a great excuse. What could be more “excusable” than a torn-up kitchen, ripped out bathroom or unfinished addition? If that sounds like an appealing solution for you, consider doing construction over the holidays.

While it’s never the perfect season to renovate, there are some benefits to doing your remodeling in fall, before the holiday hubbub begins. Whether you decide to take on home improvement projects now, or wait until after the holidays, you’ll have to work them into your budget. You may want to consider getting a renovation home loan to finance the work. A PrimeLending home loan expert can help you evaluate your options and find a program that fits the scope and type of your project.

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