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There’s nothing like the start of a new year brimming with possibilities. That feeling of newness and everyone setting goals for the coming months – vowing to stick to a fitness plan, to travel more or to eat healthier. Although most are quick to create resolutions for their personal improvement, most forget about their home during resolution time.

Setting goals for your home is a great way to ensure your home gets better with age. Need help preparing some resolutions for your home? Good news! We’ve gathered a few to get you started below.

Get Organized

This one is a given. A great way to start the new year is decluttering and organizing different rooms in your home. Not sure where to start? Try cleaning out your closets and donating or selling items you no longer wear. Next step: getting down to business. Taking some time to organize your home office can also help you set the tone for the rest of the year. If you don’t have a home office, the kitchen is another place that could use some uplifting. Remove any expired items from your pantry and organize shelves. Making a point to organize or declutter one room a month can make your year a little more productive.

Breath of Fresh Air

Indoor air can be full of contaminants like dust, pollen and mold spores, that’s why it’s important to make an effort to provide regular upkeep to your HVAC system and changing filters. It’s also important to use low-VOC paints if you’re planning to remodel and using localized ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms to remove fumes, smoke and humidity. If you really want to commit to cleaner air, purchasing portable air cleaners for single rooms can help you breathe easy.


Saving energy saves you money! If you didn’t receive the programmable thermostat that was on your wish list, maybe it’s time to invest in one on your own. Programmable thermostats can save homeowners from 10-30% on their energy bills, according to the EPA. Another route to saving energy at home? Energy efficient bulbs. Check out this breakdown of the types of bulbs you could switch to here.

Safety First

Now that you’re getting organized and committing to clean air and saving energy, it’s time to make sure your home is safe! Potential fire, health or security risks can be avoided by taking some precautions. Begin by purchasing carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom in addition to fire detectors. Next, clean out dryer lint from the vent as it can be highly combustible – accounting for 2,900 home fires.

Plan a Reno

A good resolution to set for the new year is to plan to renovate a part of your home. Renovations can add value to your existing home and can be affordable with a PrimeLending renovation loan. Learn more about your loan options here.

Monthly Home Activities

Incorporating monthly activities to do at home can bring many great memories to the year! Whether you live solo, with a roommate or have a family, hosting a movie night with friends or planting a garden during springtime are some ideas to get you started. Making sure you do something to enjoy or improve your home once a month is a fun, easy goal we can all reach.

If buying your first home is on your list of resolutions, connect with a PrimeLending loan expert today.

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