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Mortgage Calculators

Would repainting the walls cement the feeling of a fresh start? Do the light fixtures make the space warm and cozy or sleek and sophisticated? Does the backyard need some serious attention before it can be considered a true outdoor oasis?

If you’re eager to put personal touches on a home, these questions are probably fun and exciting. However, before you can let your creativity soar, there are more essential questions needing to be tackled like what a is a realistic budget or what payment structure works best for you.

PrimeLending knows that not everyone is a math wiz or mortgage guru – that’s why we created complimentary calculators designed to help you when shopping for a loan and during your loan’s lifespan. Check out our array of calculators below:

Before You Buy

Are you fed up with your landlord raising rent? If you’re looking for more freedom, check out our Rent-vs-Buy Calculator to compare the costs associated with both renting and purchasing.

Do you think your eyes are bigger than your bank account? If you’re wondering what a realistic budget is, use our How Much Home Can I Afford Calculator to start house hunting with an accurate price range.

Purchasing discount points, commonly known as mortgage points, is an approach many borrowers take to either reduce interest rates and monthly payments or towards a larger down payment meaning a reduced loan amount. Learn how long it’ll take to recuperate the cost of buying discount points with the Discount Points Calculator.

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed rate mortgage vs. adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) no longer has to be difficult with the assistance of our Fixed-vs-Adjustable Calculator.

Mortgage Payments

Searching for a better understanding of how your total mortgage amount translates to a monthly payment schedule or how a lower down payment impacts what you end up paying over time. The Mortgage Payment Calculator is the perfect tool for this fundamental framework.

If you’re eager to eliminate your mortgage payment, run the numbers with both our Bi-weekly Payments Calculator or Extra Payments Calculator to see which strategy makes the most sense for you.


Refinancing might be an excellent option if your home’s equity has grown, interest rates are low or your current mortgage is relatively new – discover how much you can save with our Refinance Calculator!

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