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Stick To Your Resolutions

No matter if you stayed up until midnight to watch the Times Square Ball Drop or enjoyed an early night at home, there’s a strong chance you’re also participating in another tradition – making resolutions for the New Year.

Because the New Year is a perfect time to turn a new page, many take this time to self-reflect and determine their resolutions for the year. Resolutions can range from eating a healthier diet to financial budgeting to buy a home to getting organized, but, sadly after the glow of the new year has passed, many find themselves falling back into familiar routines. Whether you’re trying to curb unwanted habits or establish new routines, it’s important to keep the following suggestions in mind.

Formulate a Game Plan

Even the most well-intentioned of us will end up lost navigating our goals without some planning. At the start of the year, take some time to sit down and reflect on how you will accomplish your goals, not just what you hope to accomplish. During this exercise, it’s important to be as specific and realistic as possible while setting expectations for the future. Pro-tip: try out a resolution journal. Putting pen to paper to create a plan can be a powerful tool!

Dream Big, Start Small

When it comes to your goals, the sky’s the limit! If you have a lofty goal like losing a certain amount of weight or saving an exact dollar amount, don’t get discouraged. Instead, start with small and achievable milestones. By reaching these attainable goals, you’re sure to build the momentum you need to conquer your resolutions.

Select an Accountability Partner

Your secret weapon to crushing your resolutions could be a friend, family member or even a coworker! An accountability partner will be there to keep you on track and help motivate you during your resolution journey and, the best part is, you can return the favor to them!

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Breaking bad habits can be challenging, but don’t get discouraged even if you temporarily lapse back into unwanted routines. Reaching your resolutions is a journey and should be enjoyable – grant yourself some wiggle room, find a sustainable balance and remain consistent yet flexible.

Find Time to Reflect

No matter the cadence, carving out time to sit down and assess what you have accomplished or ways you can improve is a fundamental step in achieving your goals. For extra motivation, plan out special rewards whenever you hit a milestone achievement!

Hopefully, these pointers are a valuable resource and help you stick to your New Year resolutions. If becoming a homeowner is on your 2021 goal list, contact a PrimeLending Home Loan Expert today.

Written By Vanessa Suarez