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Top Decorating Tips for Impact

A house is more than four walls where you rest your head. Creating a space that feels lived in, and also one that reflects your personality, is the key to comfort. But you don’t have to make your bank account suffer for that plush throw or area rug. Incorporating some coziness into your home can be accomplished on a budget and some don’t even cost a thing! Check out the following tips on how to decorate on a dime and still achieve that warm, comfortable feel that every home should have.

Accent walls. If your space is smaller, create an accent wall to break up a room and add instant personality. A fresh coat of paint or vibrant wallpaper could do the trick.

Lighting. Overhead lighting can be harsh and cause discomfort. Purchasing a table or corner lamp will help layer lighting and create a balanced, visually appealing area.

Throw pillows. Throw pillows allow you to accessorize your couch or bed with different colors, textures and patterns. They’re also a relatively inexpensive option to switch up with every new season.

Bring nature indoors. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table or a seasonal indoor plant will bring a feeling of comfort and outdoor life into your home.

Gallery walls. Line a blank wall in your living room or hallway with pictures of family, friends or artwork you love. Check out The Crafted Life blog’s excellent DIY tutorial on how to map out your gallery wall and pick frame sizes.

Style your shelves. Select photos that remind you of your travels, family and happy times throughout your life. These are also great conversation starters.

Remove the clutter. The sight of clutter can create added stress. Get rid of old newspapers, magazines and junk mail. Hang up your clothes at the end of each day. Identify items you no longer use and give them to a friend or donate. Before you go to bed, take five minutes to tidy up loose ends.

Make your bed every day. Your mother was right, making your bed every morning will start your day on the right foot. It will also instantly make your room appear clean and put together. And, it’s free of charge!

We hope these budget-friendly tips inspire you to get started designing your own oasis!

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