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In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re all trying to do our part to “socially distance” from others. That means staying home in lieu of going out to area restaurants, theaters and gatherings. So, what does one do while practicing social distancing with a full house?

Instead of letting the days run together and focusing on stressful news updates, we’ve compiled a list to help you make the most of your time at home.

Daily Schedule

Making sure you and your family stick to a schedule is key to adding structure to your days. Without a plan, it’s easy to forget the day-to-day responsibilities like work or school while also making sure to get personal time. Be sure to make a personal calendar and a family calendar, setting aside specific time for work/school, chores, play time and personal time.

Daily Duties

With this extra time around the house, it’s a good time to start establishing and reinforcing good habits. Making your bed each morning is a great way to start. Next up, cooking, laundry and other chores. If you have children who normally don’t play a role in laundry and cooking duties, engage them to help with simple tasks like folding clothes or setting the table. This will give them some extra special time with you as well as establish healthy habits that will stay with them in the future. Lastly, with more time at home comes more clutter. Establish a daily clean up time for the entire family. If it works, maybe continue it after quarantine ends.

To-Do List

Most homeowners have a running to-do list for projects they’ll get to when they have some free time. Now’s the time to take advantage and check some of those things off the list! Clean out junk drawers, organize a closet, dust the ceiling fans. If you don’t have a list like this, compile one and get your family involved to divide and conquer. When you get bored or have a block of time open on your calendar, knock off something from the list. Not only will your home look better, you’ll feel the self-satisfaction of crossing something off your list.

Explore the World (From Your Living Room)

Getting a little stir crazy and forgot what it’s like to be outdoors? The good news is that everyone is in the same boat! That’s why major national parks, museums, zoos and aquariums are offering virtual tours online for your viewing pleasure. This way you can get a taste of the outdoors without ever leaving your home. Check them out here: Zoos & Aquariums, Museums, National Parks

Host a Virtual Happy Hour or Movie Party

Don’t forget, we live in the day and age of modern technology. If you’re tired of chatting with your cat or dog about your day-to-day activities, send out an invite for a virtual happy hour. Host it on platforms like Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or any platform you’re a pro at. It’ll give you a reason to take off your PJs and put on real clothes to impress your friends and catch up. If you’d rather stay in your jammies and watch a movie – invite your friends to join you with Netflix Party! Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows everyone to watch the movie or show at once and has a chat feature so you can discuss the plot line in real time, just like you would sitting on the couch next to each other.

As easy as it is to obsess over what’s going on around the world, it’s important to keep a positive outlook and enjoy the little things you might not normally get to. We hope our ideas inspire you to think outside the box during this period of social distancing and isolation. Have some additional at-home ideas for your fellow homeowners? Drop them in a comment below!

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