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Furniture Worth the Investment

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner moving into a new home, it can be tempting to run out and spend your savings furnishing every nook and cranny of your new place. But before you do, stop to consider whether the furniture you’re buying is worth the investment.

Furniture Worth the Investment

There may well be a time and need for simple, affordable, IKEA-type furniture but there are some pieces of furniture that are well worth spending extra. Spending more money on fewer pieces can pay off in the long run, especially when you’re purchasing furniture that can be passed on to your kids — and even grandkids — one day.

If you know what it is you’re looking for, finding those pieces that can truly stand the test of time is still possible. Here are six pieces worth the extra investment.


When you move to a new house, a new sofa is a must. Most importantly, choose a sofa — or a set complete with loveseat and armchair or recliner — that is well-made. Good living room furniture is an investment, no doubt, but it is possible to find a well-crafted, sturdy sofa in just about any price range. Skip the patterns and stick to neutrals so you won’t feel the need to replace your sofa when your taste changes. Need an updated look? Swap out throw pillows and window treatments and slap a new paint color on the wall rather than shopping for a new living room set. And pay the extra for treated, stain-resistant fabric. You’ll thank yourself when your kid spills his juice — or worse — on your sofa. Check out this Sofa Buying Guide to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Bed Frame and Headboard

Choose a timeless headboard because it’s one piece you’ll have for the long haul. Upholstered headboards are simple, elegant and classic — and easily recovered when you need a fresh look. Or go for solid wood with clean lines to stand the test of time. If you purchase a stand-alone headboard, be sure to invest in a solid bed frame as well. Invest in a frame with horizontal slats to support your mattress so you won’t begin to feel the sag after a few years of use.


There’s no reason this shouldn’t be at the top of your list. Too many of us are sleeping on old, worn mattresses that cause back pain and sleepless nights. Sleeping on a good mattress shouldn’t be a special treat reserved to vacation nights spent in a hotel — they are a luxury well worth the investment. While it can be tempting to shop online, before you do, step into a mattress store that will help you find the mattress that is right for you and your sleep style. You’ll be glad you did. And you might just be surprised to learn that while you’ve always gone with a pillowtop mattress, it’s really a firm, memory foam bed you need to get the best sleep at night. If you’re on a tight budget, once you know what kind of mattress you need, you can move your search online where you may find better prices.

Dining Table

Whether you love entertaining and hosting elaborate dinner parties or prefer simple meals with the family, a quality dining room table is another must have. This is a piece you’ll use regularly, and one that’s certainly worth the investment. It’s not necessary to buy new if you find a previously loved piece you just can’t live without. The secret is to find a table that’s durable and will stand up to daily use and abuse from the entire family. Opt for a solid wood table with simple, clean lines rather than intricate designs and it’s sure to last you decades.

Hutch or Chest of Drawers

Or both! Use it in your bedroom as a dresser, in your dining room to hold extra dishes, tablecloths and table settings, in your living room as an entertainment center or in your entry way as a catch-all. The wonderful thing about a piece like this is that it can be moved to virtually any room in your house to serve a new purpose just as elegantly as it did in the previous space. Every home needs at least one universal piece like a hutch, chest, bachelor’s chest or credenza.

Unique Furniture

It may be an antique armoire, an old wardrobe, a small roll top desk or a modern statement piece — invest in that one piece you just can’t quit thinking about. Your home should be an expression of your personality, and a unique, unexpected, versatile piece is just that. Ready to buy new furniture but need a new home to furnish, first? Give PrimeLending a call today to speak to an experienced home loan expert who can help you start the process of buying a new home.

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Written By Mandy Jordan