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How To Safely Host or Attend Summer Gatherings

As COVID-19 vaccinations are rolling out around the country, restrictions are beginning to loosen from state-to-state and businesses have begun reopening safely and steadily. You may be asking, are you prepared to host a graduation celebration or spring get-together at your home?

Whether it’s a backyard hangout, birthday party or end-of-school celebration, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions when hosting guests at your home or attending a gathering, in the coming months.

Hosting a Gathering

Take note

Take COVID-19 infection rates in areas where guests live into consideration when planning your event and make sure that everyone follows local safety guidelines.

Set expectations

Have open and honest conversations with guests ahead of time to let them know what will be required. (Masks, social distancing, etc.)

Social distancing

Limit the number of guests to ensure they are able to remain at least 6 feet apart. If possible, host an outdoor gathering with family and friends living locally.

Wear a mask

At this point, we are no strangers to masking up in an effort to stop the spread. Even though gatherings may be smaller or outdoors, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Encourage everyone to use masks and have extra unused masks available for anyone attending the gathering.

Encourage handwashing

A great way to prevent the spread of germs is handwashing! Have a designated space for guests to wash their hands or provide hand sanitizer around the gathering for convenience.

Attending a Gathering

Connect with the host

Give your host a call ahead of the event to understand expectations for celebrating together. If requested, be prepared to bring your own food, drinks, plates, cups, utensils and condiment packets.

Wear a mask

To protect yourself and others, wear a mask with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19. Wear your mask over your nose and mouth, secure it under your chin and make sure it fits snugly against the sides of your face. Masks should be worn indoors and outdoors except when eating or drinking.

Social distance

Remember that people without symptoms or with a recent negative test result can still spread COVID-19 to others. You should avoid direct contact, including handshakes and hugs, with others not from your household for safety purposes.

As the world begins to return to some form of normalcy, we must still do what we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our homes and communities. We hope our tips will help as you begin to host events and attend gatherings this year.

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Written By Mandy Jordan