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Keeping Your Home Cool

Before welcoming autumn’s crisper temperatures, we must face the hottest days of the summer. The dog days of summer are imminent, and everyone is desperately searching for ways to avoid the scorching temperatures.

Combating the heat by blasting air conditioning might be your first instinct, but this can prove to be a costly solution. There are plenty of ways to ensure a cooler home without relying solely on cranked up air conditioning – here are some of our favorites:

Dodge Direct Sunlight

It might seem obvious but limiting sun exposure helps prevent an overheated house. A cool home begins with a naturally insulated outdoor space – start by planting trees and other foliage around the home’s perimeter. This greenery will provide a natural buffer from the sun and block heat from seeping through windows, walls, doors and the roof – truly, one tree can make a noticeable difference! As for the inside, installing window shades will block the sun’s unwelcome rays from heating up your home.

Circulate Cool Air

Now that you’ve improved the outdoors, it’s critical to ensure the inside is also working efficiently. Once your home is at an ideal temperature, the goal is to maintain a certain level of comfort and the easiest way to do this is air circulation. To maximize airflow, open doors and windows and keep the ceiling fans running. If you live in a cooler climate, sleeping with the windows slightly cracked also helps with ventilation.

Avoid Heated Appliances

Did you know, common household tasks may unintentionally be heating up your home? Cooking with either the oven or stove is a surefire way to elevate the temperature – try taking the cooking outdoors and grill! There are plenty of other appliances, like laundry machines, that also heat up your home. Laundry is an unavoidable chore, but it’s best to knock out the piles of laundry when it’s naturally cooler at night.

Now that you know alternative ways to avoid a sweltering home, you’re ready to beat the dog days of summer and stay cool until fall rolls around. Don’t worry, we’ll be welcoming the autumn temperatures before we know it!

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