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How To Increase Your Home’s Value

How To Increase Your Home’s Value

The time has come to list your home, maybe your family is growing and you’re looking for more space or maybe you’re ready for a new home buying adventure! After a few years in your home, you’re not sure where to start or what has added value to your home.

We’ve gathered a list of a few easy things you could do to add value to your home before you list. Check it out below.

Invite A Realtor Over

Spending some time with a professional that sells homes for a living can provide some insight into what home buyers are interested in seeing. They can provide pointers about things you should bring attention to and how, how buyers will perceive different areas or what updates you should make to appeal to homebuyers.

Update Kitchen

If your home’s kitchen could use a little sprucing, that is a good place to get started. Making a few additions and changes to the kitchen can improve the impact on buyers as most see the kitchen as a place where value can increase quickly. Cosmetic updates like adding a fresh coat of paint to cabinets and adding new hardware can change the look instantly and are easy to do on a weekend. Want to add some counter space? Find a chic kitchen island to add to your kitchen!

Update Bathrooms

If you’re a “do it myself” kind of person, there are a few projects you can tackle to improve your bathroom spaces. While your bathtub might remain functional, it’s important to up its value by adding a new coat of glaze to really make it sparkle. You may even consider replacing or adding a fresh coat of paint to your older fixtures to spruce them up.

Curb Appeal

A little curb appeal goes a long way! Swapping out your older or plain door for a colorful choice or different style adds a little extra to your home’s value. If you want to give your entryway a full makeover, install a new doorbell or update the lighting. In no time at all, you’ve added instant appeal to your front entry. The finishing touches? Add a custom doormat or fresh herb garden to complete your home’s new look.

Update Wall Colors

If you’ve personalized your home with wall colors, it may be a good idea to revert to a more neutral base. Potential homebuyers will need to envision themselves living in your home and how they can personalize it themselves. Purchasing a few cans of inexpensive paint can go a long way by making rooms feel clean and updated.


Investing in a few sessions of landscaping improvements can go a long way. Curb appeal is important. If your yard looks fresh and kept, it will make a good first impression to potential buyers.

If you’re looking for a home to make yours, contact a PrimeLending home loan expert near you to get the process started! Our team will be with you every step of the way.

Written By Mandy Jordan