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Plus 5 Holiday Thank You Gift Ideas

When was the last time you sent a “thank you” note or card? Not over email. Not by text. Not through a “shout out” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. When was the last time you sat down with a pen, wrote someone a “thank you” note and mailed it?

As technology evolves, influencing our habits of instant gratification and immediate responses, we often forget some beautiful, age-old traditional rituals – like the simple task of writing and sending a “thank you” note – that if still practiced can actually help people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships, as reported in the Harvard Medical School article “In Praise of Gratitude.

In addition, the process of sending and receiving a handwritten “thank you” note can help bridge widening generational gaps and bolster respect and gratitude between young and old, as described in by Catherine Kitz of Oakland, California, in a New York Times article. Not to mention, it’s just plain nice!

The holidays are a perfect time to pick up your favorite pen and resurrect the art of “thank you” cards. Whether you’re thankful for being a guest in someone’s home, attending a holiday gift exchange, receiving a present or enjoying a surprise tin of homemade cookies, a “thank you” card can perfectly portray your sincere gratitude to others, while also making them feel important and vital to your holiday joy.

How To Write A “Thank You” Card

Realizing that an email, text or “shout out” might seem faster and easier to you, PrimeLending is sharing these five helpful tips to make writing your “thank you” notes easier and more meaningful:

  1. Give Thanks In The Morning – Writing “thank you” cards has a positive impact on a person’s overall well-being, so start your day off with thanks! Get up 10-15 extra minutes early and start your morning off with your favorite morning beverage, your favorite pen and your “thank you” cards. To avoid overwhelming yourself, especially during the holiday season and other gift-giving times, commit to writing only three to five cards each morning.
  2. State Your Thanks – Start your card by stating what you’re thankful for (i.e., a specific gift, hosting you for a visit or party, collecting your mail while you were traveling, etc.). While it’s never too late to send a “thank you” card, if you find yourself very delayed in writing, mention your apology in the next sentence. It can be as simple as, “I apologize for my delay in writing you.”
  3. Get Specific – Once you’ve stated what you’re thankful for, include a special detail. For example, if you’re thanking someone for a gift, share how you are or plan on using the item. If you’re thanking someone for hosting you in their home, mention something you loved most about your visit. If you’re thanking someone for hosting you at a party, compliment their hard work in arranging the details.
  4. Add a Personal Touch – Finally, before you sign the card, add a personal sentiment about what their gift/hospitality/inclusion/etc. means to you. It will make your recipient feel good to know that they made you feel good.
  5. Mail It – Don’t forget to mail your cards! All of that feel-good emotion you conjured up by writing your “thank you” cards can quickly disappear if you realize your recipients never received them … because you forgot to mail! TIP: be sure and keep a stash of stamps handy so you can send off your card with no delay.

Are “Thank You” Texts Ever Okay?

Sure! When your spouse, partner or roommate takes out the trash, a quick gratitude text works! But when your Aunt Fran takes time to send your child a holiday outfit, a “thank you” card is a must … along with a photo of your child wearing the outfit! Also, there are some occasions, like staying in someone’s home or attending a social gathering, when a “thank you” gift is also appropriate.

Here’s PrimeLending’s quick guide for appropriate “thank you” methods, per the act of kindness:

Appropriate Thank you
Took Out The Trash Verbal or Text
Gave You A Ride Verbal and Text
Collected Your Mail Verbal and Traditional Card
Gift is Optional
Sponsored Charity Event Phone Call and
Traditional Card
Email is optional
Social Media Shout Out is optional
Interviewed You For A Job Email and
Traditional Card
Mailed A Gift Phone Call and
Traditional Card
Gave A Gift in Person Verbal and
Traditional Card
Hosted You In Home Verbal and
Traditional Card
and Gift
Hosted You At Company/
Organization/Other Party
Verbal and Gift

We hope these “thank you” card tips and guidelines can help you navigate your gratitude this holiday season! And remember, if you’ve got holiday home-buying on your wish list this season, contact a PrimeLending home loan expert to learn about your mortgage options.

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