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Channel Your Inner Kevin McCallister and Protect Your Home This December

Boy hanging ornament on Christmas tree

While Kevin McCallister may have been able to protect his home from Harry and Marv’s attempt at a Christmas break-in, there are many holiday safety methods that can help prevent the need for blow torches, mannequins and BB guns. During the holiday season, we tend to get wrapped up in the parties, gift giving, parades and family outings and let our guard down when it comes to home safety. By following some simple safety tips, you can help protect your home from intruders as well other unneeded issues this season.

Spread Joy Not Germs

This year’s holiday season looks a little different due to the global pandemic. Whether your holiday get together is smaller than usual or happening virtually, it’s important to remember that it may be better to spread joy and not germs! Take precautions if having guests over and think twice before attending a holiday gathering. Plan to quarantine before attending or having guests over. In addition to a quarantine, bring your holiday mask and keep sanitizer near by for extra precautions.

Deck the Halls with Safety

Each year, thousands of festive Americans end up in the hospital due to poor ladder safety or holiday light mishaps. When decking the halls, be sure to use the correct lights. Using indoor lights outdoors (and vice versa) can be a safety hazard. Likewise, be sure to check all lights for broken bulbs, tears or frays, prior to plugging them in. Most importantly, when hanging up your lights, maintain proper ladder etiquette. While it is best to have someone at the base of the ladder to provide additional support, it is essential that you keep two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. Be sure to extinguish all candles and unplug all Christmas trees, decorations and lights when unattended. The last thing you want to experience this December is a house fire. Take extra caution during these festive months to prevent any unwanted flames.

Free Shipping All The Way

Now more than ever, people are completing a big portion of their holiday shopping online. Amazing online deals help avoid long lines and shopping centers, but also results in many unattended packages sitting on front porches. Due to this, many people have experienced theft. In order to avoid your packages walking off in the wrong hands, request that a signature be required in the comment section of your order, plan to be home when the package arrives or have a neighbor keep an eye out for your package.

Puppy Kisses Under the Mistletoe

While mistletoe, holly berries and poinsettias can help add a magical spirit to any home décor, it is important to remember that these are toxic and are best to avoid if you have pets or kids. While puppy kisses under the mistletoe may sound wonderful, opt out of the real deal to avoid trips to the emergency room. Craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell wonderful fake alternatives to poinsettias and mistletoe. There is no reason why you can’t celebrate the season with a festive home, while maintaining safety. If your children happen to digest any of these, be sure to contact your doctor immediately and Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. A dog’s digestion of these plants may result in symptoms such as vomiting, irritation and diarrhea. If these occur call Animal Poison Control at 888-426-4435 and your veterinarian.

In addition, while the holidays are a time when we allow ourselves to go back to the kitchen for seconds and to have one too many desserts, it is important not to share with your furry friends. Any food containing xylitol can be very poisonous if ingested. When throwing holiday parties, board your animals overnight, lock them up in their crate or ask your guests to take extra caution when eating/disposing of extra food.

Through staying aware and following these tips, you can help protect your home, family and furry friends this holiday season.

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