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Influence the Energy in Your Home with This Guide to Feng Shui Colors

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of laws given to the arrangement and orientation of things within a given space in relation to the flow of energy. In other words, it’s placing furniture and possessions within your surroundings to bring you balance, comfort, and harmony. Feng shui takes into consideration positive and negative energy effects when designing the interior of a home or building.

While feng shui is most commonly associated with furniture arrangement, the colors you choose for your design can also impact your state of mind and internal balance. In feng shui, colors are an expression of one of five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each element “governs” an area of your home, according to the feng shui energy map called bagua.

Carefully select colors for each space according to the energy you want to bring into the room. You can incorporate color through wall color, photography, art, textiles and other home décor items.

Here’s how to enhance your home with color feng shui, according to the five elements.


Passion and high energy. Fire feng shui colors include: red, orange, purple, pink and a strong yellow.

Bring good luck with red — Traditionally the color for love, power and good luck, red is also thought to bring joy, excitement and arousal into a space. But use it with caution; too much red in your bedroom may keep you up at night. Instead, incorporate this fiery hue into your kitchen or dining room — spaces where you want to feel awakened. If it’s luck you’re going for, but you hate the color red, choose other colors instead, or you may feel more frustrated and unhappy with your color choice.

Promote high energy and liveliness with orange — Considered the “socialite” of colors, orange is like the friend you always want to bring to the party. Use it strategically in active rooms where you want high energy and liveliness to flow, such as the workout room or dining room. Use it in the foyer to circulate people through the space.

Stimulate health and happiness with gold and yellow — In feng shui, yellow and gold signify power, sunlight, cheerfulness, health and even fertility. Use the sunshine color as a nurturing shade in your office, or pops of the color to create a welcoming energy in your kitchen, living room or children’s rooms.

Release your inner royalty with purple — The color of elegance and royalty, purple in shades deep and rich or light and airy, indicate prosperity. According to feng shui practices, the rear left corner of your home, farthest from the front entrance is the area of wealth, where purple should certainly be used.

Choose pink for gentleness, soothing and love — Pink is the universal color of love and can soften the energy in any space. Use pink anywhere you want to promote gentleness and love, from your bedroom to your laundry room.


Nourishment and stability. Maintain health and inner balance while creating stability and calm. Feng shui earth colors include: light yellow, beige, earthy/sandy colors.

Light brown for strength, grounding and stability — This nourishing, natural color signifies strength and stability. Use it in areas of creativity or children’s rooms.

Earth tones for a warm, nurturing, strong and protective energy — Brings you back to your center with a sense of calm and assurance. These tones work best when combined with a touch of the fire element.


Clarity and preciseness. Eliminate distractions and live with clarity and balance with metal colors including gray and white.

Gray for sophistication and clarity — A warm, silvery gray adds a beautiful, centering energy to your living space or office. In feng shui, gray is best used as an accent color for its crisp, sharp energy.

White for innocence and a fresh start — White promotes carefulness and purity, but it can also be too harsh at times. If you want the crispness of a white, without the boldness of a white-white, opt for a very light, soft gray instead.


Ease and abundance. Bring a renewing energy of purity, calm and freshness into your home with water colors such as blue and black.

Invite peace and tranquility with blue — It’s the color of serenity, so incorporate it into the places you use for relaxation, such as your bedroom, master bathroom or living room. A touch of blue in the kids’ playroom may even help keep a sense of calm in what’s typically chaotic.

Black is the color of mystery, sophistication, power and protection — To add depth, strength or definition to any space, use black. When used in large proportions, it can feel very heavy, but when used sparingly, it grounds other colors and brings a presence of strength to any room.


Growth and vitality. Wood colors bring elements of health, vitality and growth. These colors can also be an expression of abundance.

Deep brown to express the element of wood — This nourishing color is best used in your main entry, kitchen or as an accent feature in your living room or bedroom. An overuse of brown may inhibit ambition, so keep it well-balanced with other colors.

Foster growth with green — Green is the color of life, renewal, growth, fertility, abundance and regeneration. It balances your entire body. To maximize effects, incorporate various shades of green into your kitchen or dining room.

This basic guide to feng shui colors can help you create a home where health and happiness reside. Colors, when used harmoniously with each other, uplift the spirit and enhance your sense of well-being.

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