In Your Home

It could be a birthday celebration, an elegant dinner party or a big summer soirée – chances are, you’re bound to host some sort of get together at one point or another. Whether you already own a house or are planning on buying one soon, here are some home features that will win over your guests and ensure that they’re relaxed and comfortable.

1. An Open Floorplan
Open floorplans have been popular among homebuyers for a while, and it’s easy to see why. They feel inviting, create a sense of togetherness throughout homes and make it easier to communicate. They’re also perfect for entertaining, as mingling guests can easily talk to one another in an airy environment without feeling cramped for space. If your house doesn’t have an open floorplan, don’t sweat it – some quick rearranging and adjustments will help ensure your guests have plenty of elbow room. Clear out larger pieces of furniture and extraneous pieces, such as side tables, to make room for mingling. And If you’re expecting to have a lot of people over, keep the thermostat a bit cooler than you normally would and turn on any fans in your kitchen and living room.

2. A Fire Pit
In many places, it cools down enough in the evening to enjoy an outdoor fire. Fire pits are hot spots to enjoy catching up with friends, but they’re more than just gathering places – they double as a place to cook delicious snacks (hello, s’mores and kabobs!). Plus, fire pits add to your landscaping décor and make a nice backyard focal point even when they’re not in use. There are all kinds of fire pits to choose from to create the ambiance you’re striving for.

3. Ample Seating
Sure, you may have plenty of space in your living room for you and your immediate family, but would you have enough room for a few extra guests to sit if you threw a game night or game watching party? If not, consider adding a loveseat or some comfy chairs for added seating. This may take some furniture rearranging to create walkways, but if you feel like your living room will feel cramped no matter what, you can always buy some floor cushions and throw pillows – the perfect seating solution for casual affairs.

4. Mood Lighting
Good lighting is everything when it comes to making a home feel inviting and cozy. Exterior lighting can give a home extra curbside appeal and make it more welcoming to guests. The right ceiling and wall lighting can help brighten up dark rooms and is a great way to help transform the interior of older houses. A quick way to give your home a more modern feel is to replace older light fixtures. Certain lighting styles, like recessed lighting, remains a popular way to accentuate some rooms. For other lighting effects, you can add lighting to bookshelves or under cabinets.

5. A Screened-In Porch
When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like spending a warm evening on a screened-in porch. You can enjoy the breeze without having to deal with pesky mosquitoes or insects. Screened-in porches also give you and your guests more room to hang out. Add amenities like a cooler, a ceiling fan and a few rocking chairs, and they make for the perfect space to settle in during your party. Porches can also be a great investment and way to add square-footage (and resell value) to your home. If you need more space, a cash-out refinance may be the perfect solution to financing an upgrade.

6. A Powder Room Stocked with Essentials
Not all guest bathrooms are created equal – there are half bathrooms, and then there are powder rooms. Powder rooms come with items that your guests can use to freshen up at their convenience. You can transform any half bath into a powder room by adding a small basket that holds floss, mouth wash, lotion, hairspray, cotton swabs, stain-removing pens or any anything else someone may find themselves needing during a visit to your home. You can also add candles and special occasion hand towels for a nice decorative touch.

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