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Eco-Friendly Home

Sustainable and environmentally thoughtful habits and routines don’t need to stop at your doorstep—there are many ways to live Earth consciously at home. The rewards of making your home eco-friendly extend far beyond ensuring a healthier planet—many eco-friendly choices come with long-term savings.

Are you interested in learning more about ‘green’ home features? Here are some of our best practices for living in a green environment:

Solar Panels

The sun is an infinite resource—why not take advantage of this free power? Solar panels take the sun’s energy and convert this energy into electricity to power your home. If you live in a predominantly sunny climate, this could be an advantageous choice for you.

Water Conserving Appliances

If you’re able to invest in water saving appliances, your utility bills will thank-you! By using less water, there is less energy needed to process and treat water meaning less pollution to the environment. Reducing your personal water usage also ensures services that depend on accessible water, like hospitals and firefighters, never go without!

LED Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room—now, LED lighting can also make your electricity bill lower. LED lighting requires far less energy than the traditional fluorescent lighting and has no toxic elements. Plus, this advanced technology gives off a much brighter light! Find a list of the top LED lights for 2020 here.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Although they might be slightly pricier up front, energy efficient appliances will save you money throughout the lifespan of the appliance. By using products designed with sustainability in mind, you help protect the natural resources their rival products burn through. Interested in learning more about what products are available? Check out this list by Energy Star.

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Does the ever-growing trend of farm-to-table inspire you or are you looking to re-purpose that empty backyard space? In addition to the satisfaction of creating your own food, homegrown produce cuts down on plastic packaging, reduces carbon emissions and waste and helps avoid dangerous toxins. As a bonus, gardening is a natural stress reliever and a great family activity! Get started on your backyard garden today.

Energy-Efficient Loan Options With PrimeLending

Don’t think you have the funds to improve your home? PrimeLending offers loans that help you reach your green goals. You can:

  • Make energy improvements to your new or existing home.
  • Finance up to 15% of the improved “as completed” value of your home.
  • Save on your energy bill and safeguard your home

Chat with a PrimeLending mortgage expert to learn about your purchase, refinance and renovation home loan options.

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