• Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson President

    Steve will contribute to the blog with posts regarding PrimeLending news and culture, corporate initiatives and industry-related updates and trends.

    Learn More About Steve

    A 30-year veteran of the mortgage and financial services industry, Steve Thompson joined PrimeLending in 2011 as the Western Division Manager, quickly earning promotions to EVP, National Sales Leader in 2013 and President in 2017.

    Prior to joining PrimeLending, Thompson held numerous leadership and production positions within the Mortgage and Financial Services industry, including key roles at several prominent nation-wide mortgage lenders. He was recognized as one of the “2013 Most Influential Mortgage Executives” by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

    A native of California, Thompson received a BA in Economics from University of California, Los Angeles and a MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

  • Todd Salmans
    Todd Salmans Chairman & CEO

    Todd will contribute posts related to PrimeLending news and culture, corporate accolades and community involvement.

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    Todd Salmans joined PrimeLending in January 2006 as executive vice president and chief operating officer. He was promoted to president in January 2009, and he assumed chief executive officer responsibilities in January 2011. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

    With more than 36 years of mortgage banking experience, Todd has held senior level sales and executive management positions for top regional and national mortgage lenders, such as Chase Home Mortgage Corporation, First Union National Bank/First Union Mortgage Corporation, and CTX Mortgage Company.

    He serves as a member of the PlainsCapital Corporation board of directors, is a member of the board of directors for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, and he is an American Bankers Association Mortgage Origination Committee member. Todd was recognized as one of the “2013 Most Influential Mortgage Executives” and the “2012 CEO of the Year” by Mortgage Executive magazine, an award based on company production, growth rate, reputation and overall integrity. He also attended Kansas State College of Pittsburg.

  • Scott Eggen
    Scott Eggen Executive Vice President, Director Capital Markets

    Scott will contribute as the rate expert for our biweekly Rate Refresh post as well as anything else related to secondary marketing, rates and regulatory changes.

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    Scott Eggen joined PrimeLending in March 2001 as senior vice president, capital markets. In October 2012, Scott was promoted to executive vice president, director capital markets. He is responsible for secondary marketing functions, risk management, mortgage loan programs, pricing and investor relations.

    Scott has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage banking and finance. He served as senior vice president of marketing for the Heigl Mortgage & Financial Corporation, and was the owner/managing partner of Realty Mortgage Corporation. Scott also served as managing partner of the Eggen Group, which managed proprietary trading of both fixed income and equity markets.

    Scott serves as a public speaker for the Mortgage Bankers Association and Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. He has a business finance degree from Normandale College and a business education degree from St. Cloud State University.

  • Cheryl Hayes
    Cheryl Hayes Senior Vice President, Marketing

    Cheryl will be our main contributor for lifestyle posts consisting of family, health, safety, recreation and tips for all things home related.

    Learn More About Cheryl

    Cheryl Hayes joined PrimeLending in July 2012 as senior vice president of marketing. She is responsible for brand strategy and management, marketing and advertising, and communications.

    Before joining PrimeLending, Cheryl led the forward mortgage and consumer direct marketing efforts for both MetLife Home Loans and First Horizon Home Loans. She is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with a strong record of financial gains through strategic program development. She has extensive experience and expertise in marketing strategy and execution, having spent the majority of her career working in the mortgage lending industry.

    Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University.

  • Mandy Jordan
    Mandy Jordan Vice President of Corporate Communication

    Mandy’s blog posts cover a wide range of topics, from PrimeLending news and mortgage information to home ownership tips and guides.

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    Mandy Jordan, VP of Corporate Communication at PrimeLending, has been working in corporate communications and marketing for more than 18 years. With an affinity for branding and storytelling, Mandy enjoys digging into every topic to find the “why.” She approaches communications with a balance of strategic thinking, creativity and bottom line focus. Mandy has a BA in English from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. She continues to be inspired by great ideas, enthusiastic coworkers and the thrill of finding the perfect word.

  • Brent Lyday
    Brent Lyday Senior Copywriter

    Brent writes on a variety of blog topics, including PrimeLending news and products, home ownership tips, guides and more.

    Learn More About Brent

    Brent Lyday is a sentence engineer with 10 years of word constructing experience. His ability to build paragraphs, structure stories and manufacture content all from his own hands makes Brent a unique asset to the PrimeLending communications team. Brent laid the groundwork for his career at Texas A&M University-Commerce, where he decided to become an architect of copy for print, digital and social media. His extensive background writing for sports, academics, skincare, and precious metals has helped mold his skill set into what it is today. When Brent isn’t positioning letters in the correct order, he enjoys playing basketball, traveling and being around his friends, family and two dogs.

  • Sarah Crandall
    Sarah Crandall Copywriter

    Sarah writes about a variety of blog topics, including lifestyle posts and financial tips.

    Learn More About Sarah

    In addition to writing blogs, Sarah Crandall develops copy for a variety of print and digital platforms. Before joining PrimeLending, she spent four years writing in television news as a producer and a digital journalist, covering breaking news, severe weather, feature pieces and more. It was during this time that she developed a continual curiosity about the world and a passion for storytelling. Sarah holds a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she also minored in journalism. When she’s not writing, she loves traveling, going to concerts, and doing improv comedy.

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