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Father's Day at Home

Father’s Day is a day for appreciating dad in all his glory. Though, you may be used to treating dad to breakfast at his favorite diner, a movie night with his favorite concession snacks or a fancy dinner out, this year might look a little different. With COVID-19 keeping many at home and businesses running at a lower capacity, staying in might be the better option. That doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate dad to the fullest!

Need some ideas to get you started? We’re sharing our top ways to celebrate from the comfort of your home below.

Breakfast Favorites at Home

What better way to keep dad happy than with a delicious start to the day! Let dad sleep in and then prepare some classic brunch items like fresh orange juice, waffles, eggs and bacon! If you aren’t sure what to prep for the big day? Here are some ideas from Delish.

Dad’s Day Spa

It’s no secret that dad’s like to be pampered, too! A little rest and relaxation are great ways to show dad how much you appreciate him. Here’s a list of some things to add to your spa package:

  • Face mask
  • Foot massage
  • Beard trimming and pampering
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils
  • Time in the pool or hot tub

Family Game Night

This one’s not just a win for dad, but for everyone in your family. Let dad pick the game of choice and buckle up for some competitive family fun! It’s the perfect way to get your family off their phones and spending time with each other. You can count on lots of laughter and a healthy dose of competition. To top it off? Have plenty of snacks and beverages on hand to keep you fueled up!

Home Restaurant Experience

Can’t go out to dad’s favorite restaurant this year? Bring the experience to your dining room! Create a menu based on some of dad’s favorite meals and recreate them at home. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and the extra effort to make his day special! If you’re not sure what to add to your menu, here are a few ideas.

Outdoor Movie Night

Is your dad a movie buff? There’s no better way to enjoy some downtime with the family than with an outdoor movie night! Pick the space, set up a screen and make sure your projector is ready for action. Dad gets to pick the first movie, of course! Movie night isn’t complete without a little buttery popcorn and something sweet, so be sure to set up this popcorn bar so everyone can have their favorite treats while they watch.

No matter what you do to celebrate the father figure in your life, it’s the thought that counts! How are you celebrating your dad this year?

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