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How Body Language Reveals Your Interest in Buying a Home

How we communicate with our bodies is just as significant as how we communicate with our words. Oftentimes, our body language will speak for us well before we’ve had the chance to vocalize our thoughts. Understanding how body language reveals your interest in buying a home is both riveting and essential. At PrimeLending, we want you to recognize the most common body gestures and how that ties into home buying. Shall we begin?

Body Language in Hands


In the first place, our hands are a part of everything we do in life. Are your hands saying that you’re open to the home buying experience? Or are they saying the opposite? According to Allan and Barbra Pease (authors of The Definitive Book of Body Language), “there are more connections between the brain and the hands than between any other body parts.” That’s pretty interesting to note, especially in regards to buying a home.

A multitude of reasons could be given when it’s time to make an offer on a home: not enough money, not a good time or maybe not the best location. But how can realtors tell if you are being truthful? The placement of your hands could be a dead giveaway. Usually, when someone is giving a valid reason for something, they will flash the palms of their hand during their explanation. However, if they are giving a bogus reason, they are likely to conceal their hands. While these hand gestures happen rather unconsciously, just remember that they do convey a message to your realtor. 

Ready to cross the road and start the process of buying a home? Believe it or not, your hands can say a lot about your feelings towards achieving this goal. When your hands are placed on the hips, it conveys that you are ready for assertive action. If you consider yourself relatively goal-driven, this stance means you are ready to tackle your objectives. 

Body Language in Legs


Moreover, the positioning of your legs can uncover your internal thoughts. Whether you’re negotiating on the asking price or the down payment, there’s one pose you should know: seated readiness. What does this pose look like? 

  • Right forearm on your right thigh
  • Left hand on your left thigh
  • Left leg slightly behind the right leg
  • Slight forward tilt of the upper body

Typically, we see this pose when someone is ready to make a decision. When it comes to being a potential home buyer, stroking your chin after the seated readiness stance confirms your interest in buying a home. This is important to know because you don’t want to give your realtor the wrong impression if you are, in fact, not ready. Similarly, you don’t want your body to say you’re lukewarm about a home you want to buy.

Body Language in Arms


Lastly, your arms reveal an incredible amount about how you feel. Many of us cross our arms because it’s just comfortable to us. But other people may view your crossed arms in a negative way. This type of body language tends to give the impression that you’re unapproachable. Here’s the honest truth: folded arms typically means someone is nervous or has a defensive attitude about something. During the negotiation of buying a house, crossing your arms could send signals that maybe you weren’t ready to express yet

Did all of this talk about buying a home increase your interest in getting started? PrimeLending is here for you every step of the way! Going forward, consider how body language reveals your interest in buying a home so your verbal and non-verbal cues align. Sometimes, what you don’t verbalize speaks louder than anything you could say aloud. 

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Written By Jasmine Redd