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Whether your home is brand new or dates back to 1945, you might stumble across a few household mishaps within the first five years of owning. Have no fear—these are likely small and simple fixes that don’t cost a lot of time or money…but, it’s wise to budget for these expenses so you’re prepared when they do appear! Staying on top of home maintenance will also help your resale value if you ever decide to move. Here are a list of common repairs to watch out for within the first five years of homeownership.

Running Toilets or Leaky Faucets

The drip-drip-drip from a leaky faucet or whine from a running toilet won’t just drive you insane, it can drive up water bills, too. But the good news is that fixing these fixtures is generally quick, easy and inexpensive. Both fixes usually involve replacing faulty parts, like a toilet fill valve, o-ring or rubber washer and can be easily managed by a plumber. And when repaired, you can once again enjoy a peaceful, drip-free home. 

Standing Water on Shower Floors

You may notice when you are showering that water is building up in one corner or that you are standing in a puddle. This may mean your shower needs to be regraded so that water drains properly. A good rule of thumb is that the floor should floor should slope about 1/4” per foot toward the drain. You may be able to save money by reusing the existing tiles – plus it will save you the headache of matching the rest of the shower. Contact your local home improvement store or tiling expert for help with this repair.

Out-of-Alignment Doors

The first sign your home has settled is usually when door frames shift slightly, causing hinges to creak and doors to not shut properly. This is perfectly normal, homes settle over time and walls and doors expand and contract with changes in humidity. You can easily bring your door back into alignment by adding wooden shims to frames and hinges. Replacing worn-out screws with longer screws can also help secure hinges tightly and ensure your doors open and close easily. Your handyman can likely manage this project inexpensively and quickly.

Garbage Disposal Trouble. The garbage disposal is one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances and one of the most temperamental. If your garbage disposal is jammed or clogged, you may be able to handle the repair on your own. If it’s a problem with the motor, it will grind poorly and you’ll notice a change in sound. Tread carefully! This fix could be potentially dangerous and should be handled by a pro. And to keep your disposal clean and in good working order, never place coffee grounds, grease, eggshells, bones, or potato skins in the disposal.

Nail Pops. If you’ve recently built your home, drywall nail pops are common defects that may arise. These blemishes are caused by shrinking lumber once your house has been built. They’re found most often near wall corners or on the ceiling. If your home is still under warranty, check with your builder for repair. If not, a handyman can drill the nails deeper into the wood and top with a fresh coat of paint. Tip: always keep touch up paint on hand for quick fixes and to keep your walls looking fresh.

Faulty Light Switch or Bad Outlet

We’ve all experienced light switches that suddenly stop “switching” or outlets with no juice. Or even worse, there is that dreaded cracking sound when you try to turn on the light. As frustrating as it is, it can be a quick fix for your electrician – simply turn off the power, take off the faceplate, check and perhaps tighten wires; or replace the switch or outlet. Best case scenario, it can be fixed in less than an hour.

If your wish is to make a more permanent change or update to your home, PrimeLending renovation loans allow you to make repairs and/or improvements right after closing, and the renovation costs are spread throughout the mortgage term.

With a low down payment, and a loan amount based on the appraised value of the home after improvements are made, you could repair the foundation, replace a roof, paint the interior/exterior, remodel the kitchen or bath, upgrade to central heating and air, install energy efficient tools or new built-in appliances…and much more!

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