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4 Tips For Hosting Your Housewarming Party

You’ve closed on your house and are ready to show it off. A housewarming party is a great way to share your new home with friends and family. In fact, people have been hosting housewarming parties since before central heating when guests would bring wood to literally warm the house.

Throwing yourself a housewarming party should be fun. We’ve gathered some tips to help you plan, and enjoy, your own soirée.

Prepare your space

One of the key first steps to preparing your home is to unpack everything. Things don’t have to be perfect, but they should look tidy. Guests will more than likely want a full tour of your home so making sure you’ve gotten rid of all of your moving boxes will go a long way to make your house look finished. By taking the time to settle in before throwing your housewarming party, you also give yourself some extra planning time.

Make sure you have enough space for everyone. Guests will need to have room to mingle and move around, be sure to only invite the number of people your home can hold. It is okay to host a few smaller gatherings rather than one big one if it means everyone can feel comfortable.

Invite your friends

Once you’re settled you can start inviting people over. One of the best (and free) ways to send out invites is via email or text. While these aren’t the fanciest options, they are quick and easy for people to respond.

If you want to be a little flashier, you can send out invitations in the mail. Picking you invitations can be a bit more fun than sending a text or email. However, keep in mind the time it takes for something to be mailed. Be sure to send the invites out well before your housewarming party so that guests have time to respond.

Decide what to serve

Depending on what time you choose to have your party will influence what you serve to guests. If you choose to have your party around the same time people would normally eat dinner, guests may expect a meal. If you aren’t up for serving a full meal, consider hosting your party in the afternoon or evening. This way, you could get by with serving lighter foods like a charcuterie board, anything on a skewer, and bite-sized desserts.

To make life easier in the drink department, opt for making a big batch beverage like punch or sangria that would please any crowd. If you think your guests would want something more specific, add “BYOB” to your invitations to let guests know they are welcome to bring their own beverages. Either way, have water on hand, you can’t go wrong with water.

Helpful hint: By no means to you have to prepare everything on your own. If cooking brings you joy, go for it! It will be a great conversation piece for when your guests rave about your food. However, if cooking isn’t your thing and it works for your budget, order your food premade.

The set up

Tidy up around the house before your guests arrive. In order to not stress yourself out too much, aim to have your cleaning done by the day before your get together. You don’t have to do a deep clean, but it would be good to vacuum and dust.

You’ll also want to make sure the bathroom your guests will be using is clean. Designate one bathroom in your home for guests to use. Then, fill up your hand soap, set out fresh hand towels, and make sure other necessities are well stocked.

Make the bathroom feel festive with seasonal décor or signs with clever sayings. Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a conversation piece.

The most important part of a housewarming party is to have fun. Whether you go all out or keep it low key, this is your opportunity to share your space with your loved ones and new neighbors. Make sure it reflects you.

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Written By Becky Bruning