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Design Trends We Expect To See In The Coming Year

Seasons are changing, the holidays are over and it’s time to look forward to the promises of a fresh year. As fashion trends come and go, so it is with home décor trends. If you’re looking to do some upgrading in your abode this coming year, let yourself be inspired by our 2017 home design trend forecast.

Vanity Conversions — If you can’t find a vanity you love at your neighborhood home improvement store, think outside the box. Consider an antique dresser or hutch, which can easily be transformed in to a unique vanity that really makes a statement.

Geometric Patterns — Funky geometric patterns emerged in 2016 but will become even more prevalent in 2017. Expect to see them anywhere from textiles to wallpaper and bathroom tiles.

Cork — Trendy, yet functional, cork walls are the replacement for chalkboards and chalkboard paint that have reigned in recent years. They add warmth and texture to a room while doubling as a much-needed sound barrier in a large, open layout. Pick up some fun pushpins and use a cork wall to keep track of lists, reminders, photos, calendars and recipes.

Laundry Room Upgrades — If you have money to put toward a remodel in 2017, don’t let your laundry room be left out. You may find that you actually enjoy doing the mundane in a laundry room that is clean, organized and bright. Let in more light, consider smart storage and transform your laundry room into a place that makes you feel good.

Sleek Twist on DIY and Rustic — Shiplap and barn doors have become a design favorite in recent years thanks to TV shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Expect these elements to stick around in 2017, but with an updated twist, like fresh, bright colors rather than natural wood.

Statement Headboards — In recent years, bedroom design has emphasized headboards that make a statement rather than a traditional headboard and matching footboard. Want to make a statement? Pick your texture, whether that’s wood with rustic or vintage doors, or luxe fabrics.

Counter-Depth Fridges — If it’s space you need to save, consider a counter-depth fridge to give you extra square footage in a cramped kitchen. As a bonus, a fridge that sits flush with countertops creates sleek, clean lines that are perfect for a modern kitchen.

Greenery — Named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, this cheery, bright yellow-green “Greenery” represents a renewing of sorts. Says Pantone, “Greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization — something we all could use in a complex social and political environment.”

Mixed Patterns — First spotted on the runway in Fall 2016, expect to see mixed patterns emerge as a favorite in home décor, such as in bedding and textiles, in 2017.

Faux Finishes — Faux materials are more affordable and sometimes more durable and reliable than authentic materials. For example, engineered quartz can withstand heat better than Carrara marble. Similarly, faux wood ceiling beams are less likely to warp and bow than real wood.

Rich Blues — Although Pantone’s Color of the Year is a bright green, the Pantone spring trend forecast is all about bright, rich blues. Shades from sapphire to teal and soft baby blues can be used to express emotions from confidence to comfort.

Earthy Influences — Metals are on their way out as we see a return to earthier elements. For example, wood accents, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, will continue to influence design in 2017. Much of today’s wood accent pieces — from barn doors to shelves and clocks — are made of reclaimed wood.

Marble — For years, granite has been the king of countertops, but the tide has turned and granite’s reign is coming to an end while marble — especially in black and white — is on its way in.

Black Stainless Steel — Stainless gets an upgrade with the slick, modern and sophisticated look of matte black stainless steel. It’s a subtle change that takes things a step beyond traditional stainless and brushed stainless steel.

Bold-Colored Front Doors — Bring in the excitement in 2017 by painting your front door a bright, bold color. A colored front door will really pop against the primary color of your home, and gives you an opportunity to express your personality. Bold colors are also welcoming to guests and gives a hint of what might be found on the inside.

Jewel Tones — Complementing that nature-inspired look, jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst purple and emerald green create a sense of royalty and elegance in a room filled with earthy influences.

2017 is all about expressing your personal style and creating a space that allows you to live in comfort and ease. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors or to mix patterns and textures. Create a space that celebrates your individuality while still exuding warmth and invitation.

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